DIY Happy Birthday Banner

This Happy Birthday banner took me a full day and $2 to make. Worth it? Absolutely. (I would give yourself a few days though, cramping hands are no fun) Originally, I was going to paint the letters on, but when I realized you would be able to see them as well, I decided to cut the letters out in almost a stained glass pattern.

Here is what you need:

7 – 8 pieces of 8×11 cardstock. (I used chipboard)

An exacto knife

A pencil

Step One: Cut all of your 8×11 cards in half.

Step Two: Lightly draw your letters in pencil. I used a ruler and winged it, but you can trace a font you print out or use a stencil, the sky is the limit

Step Three: Using the exacto knife cut out triangular shapes. I kind of just winged it. I will say, my triangles started out small and calculated and got bigger and more arbitrary towards the end, when I got tired. You couldn’t tell the difference.

Step Four: Stretch your fingers.

Step Five: Finish, even if it seems daunting, you already put in  a lot of time. It’ll be worth it.

Step Six: Congrats! You made it! Hang it up, I taped mine to the window, but you can also use a hole punch and string it up with some yarn or pretty ribbons.

Step Seven: Make sure no one steals it. You worked too hard. Keep it forever.

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