The Weekender: How To Wear Bright Denim

I just bought my first pair of bright colored jeans! This is not a trend that I thought I would get into, but my wardrobe needed a bit of a mix up and I knew of a few ways I could add it in.

What’s even better? I have been running around like a mad person trying to find the right pair for my body (if I’m going to rock something out of my comfort zone, they’d better fit perfectly) and I found the perfect pair at Target for a little more than $20!

Here is a few ways I plan on mixing it up. I’m trying to stay away from your standard white or black tees, but I’m sure they will be added into the flow.

Clockwise from Top Left

1. Source/ Old Navy/ Target/ Fashionology/ Modcloth/ Toms

2. Source/ Madewell/ Target/ Urban Outfitters/ Lulu’s/ Reef/ Stella McCartney 

3. The Beauty Dept/ J.Crew/ Target/ Miz Mooz/ ASOS/ Urban Outfitters


4 thoughts on “The Weekender: How To Wear Bright Denim

  1. I really love the idea of them teamed with the denim shirt.

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