The Perfect Coffee Station

I posted last week about focusing my home and really asking myself what would make my life easier when it comes to organizing. So I asked myself a few questions about how I use my kitchen.

What function do I use my kitchen for? Easy. Coffee.

I cook, but not really. Coffee is the real focus in my house.

So, I decided to set myself up a little coffee station.

I stored both my caffeinated and decaffeinated beans in glass canisters, along with the coffee filters. The shorter one I got at Ikea years ago and the round canisters I got at Cost Plus, there is a similar one at Target but it doesn’t have the rubber seal thing that keeps the beans fresh. Now, everything is a lot easier to get to, which in the morning is important. I don’t have to fuss with drawers or cabinets, it’s all there and is always clean because there is no other option. I love it!

Second question.

What do I see as one of the biggest problems in my kitchen?

The clutter! Mostly due to the insane amount of coffee cups that pile up. I just counted, I have 23 coffee mugs, not a single one of them is clean. So I’m nixing all the mugs and buying a new set of six (and maybe keeping one or two mugs for sentimental reasons). That way I get rid of the clunky mis-matched look of the hand me down mugs and will have a limited amount to clutter.


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