Looking back at SXSW

SXSW was amazing.

I came home and slept for 14 hours and still haven’t managed to get my voice back, but it was well worth the 8 days of mayhem.

It was also worth the few things I was able to bring home:

I bought these prints from Two Arms, they are an amazing design duo based out of Brooklyn, I had to cradle these suckers on my lap the entire way home on the plane, but it was totally worth it.

I found the vintage Disneyland lunchbox and the Isaac Asimov book at Uncommon Objects, which might be the most amazing store ever.

This was the first time Space Dog Books had a booth and the response was overwhelming. I’m not just saying that. I was, literally, overwhelmed. Day one of the booth, all four of us had a line of people wanting to talk to us. It was insane. I couldn’t be more grateful for anyone who stopped by, the people we met were absolutely amazing. I made some new friends that I had a blast with and now I think I need to sleep for three more day until I’m full recovered.

Until next year, SXSW……


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