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The Weekender: Neon Wedges

This week I chose these tropical neon wedges from H&M. I have wandered in a few times, had them in my hand and panicked right before going up to the register because I could not figure out what to wear with them.  I think my favorite so for is this top one. Although, I’m partial to mini dresses and sassy legs. Tip: If you haven’t tried Benefit’s Bathina, you should! I bought my mom some in high school and ended up stealing it back. One swipe along your shin makes your legs look longer and leaner. It’s pretty much a summer staple. 

Source: (clockwise from top left)

1. Benfit Bathina/ St. Tropez/ Barney’s (I’ve seen similar dresses all over, I’m just obsessed with this one)/ J. Crew/ H&M/ Amazon/ Nars

2. Modcloth/ Old Navy/ Monki/ Malaba/ H&M/ Monki

3. Keiko Lynn (Get this style here)/ Mar Y Sol/ Misselfridge/ Rossana Fani/ H&M/ Dorothy Perkins

Color Crush: Coral

I cannot get enough of coral. Clearly. I’ve had these things open in my browser window for days because I can’t bear to not be looking at them. Feast your eyes.


Top: Jason Munn

Anthropologie/ The SweetBeast/ Apartment Therapy/ My Home Ideas/ DesignSponge

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Upcycled: Vintage Mirror

It is a miracle what a can of glossy spray paint will do. It took this dingy, mirror I’ve had my eye on at Salvation Army and with two coats make it feel fresh. I’ve used this glossy spray paint only once before, in the picture frame in the background of the photo above. I remember thinking to myself, I should have used a primer. Why didn’t I this time? Totally forgot. It still looks good, but there were moments of concern. Some notes about this project; I really should have covered the whole surface in tape before spray painting, while all the paint residue came off, it really was a waste of 10 minutes. Also I really would suggest using a primer, the high gloss wants to drip into crevasses and leave some parts uncovered and if you had a primer coat on, it wouldn’t matter as much.


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Bold Art

I really like the idea of large-scale art in the home. I love the looks of vintage advertisements, abstract or pop art. I feel like it really gives the room personality and can tell your visitor a lot about you. I have attempted for years to find the perfect piece and I have yet to find it. I did impulsively buy a large-scale printed canvas from Ikea a few years ago, but it didn’t fit my ever-evolving style. I really should spend more time looking, but I feel the best art just falls into your lap. Don’t have money to buy a fancy-schmancy abstract art piece? Check out local thrift stores, flea markets, ask a talented friend or make your own.


1. Apartment Therapy/ Miles To Style/ Fenton and Fenton/ New York Times

2. Apartment Therapy

3. Skonahem/ Style At Home/ Houzz

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