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Color Crush: Coral

I cannot get enough of coral. Clearly. I’ve had these things open in my browser window for days because I can’t bear to not be looking at them. Feast your eyes.


Top: Jason Munn

Anthropologie/ The SweetBeast/ Apartment Therapy/ My Home Ideas/ DesignSponge

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Upcycled: Vintage Mirror

It is a miracle what a can of glossy spray paint will do. It took this dingy, mirror I’ve had my eye on at Salvation Army and with two coats make it feel fresh. I’ve used this glossy spray paint only once before, in the picture frame in the background of the photo above. I remember thinking to myself, I should have used a primer. Why didn’t I this time? Totally forgot. It still looks good, but there were moments of concern. Some notes about this project; I really should have covered the whole surface in tape before spray painting, while all the paint residue came off, it really was a waste of 10 minutes. Also I really would suggest using a primer, the high gloss wants to drip into crevasses and leave some parts uncovered and if you had a primer coat on, it wouldn’t matter as much.


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Bold Art

I really like the idea of large-scale art in the home. I love the looks of vintage advertisements, abstract or pop art. I feel like it really gives the room personality and can tell your visitor a lot about you. I have attempted for years to find the perfect piece and I have yet to find it. I did impulsively buy a large-scale printed canvas from Ikea a few years ago, but it didn’t fit my ever-evolving style. I really should spend more time looking, but I feel the best art just falls into your lap. Don’t have money to buy a fancy-schmancy abstract art piece? Check out local thrift stores, flea markets, ask a talented friend or make your own.


1. Apartment Therapy/ Miles To Style/ Fenton and Fenton/ New York Times

2. Apartment Therapy

3. Skonahem/ Style At Home/ Houzz

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The Writing on the Wall

I love the look of type throughout the house. From marquee signage to type heavy prints, I just love it all. Recently, I bought craft letters at Beverly’s but I believe they have them for the same price at Paper Source, too! They are so versatile, you can do almost anything imaginable with them. I chose to leave mine plain, because I like the texture of the cardboard, but there are some great DIY’s out there, including a faux zinc finish. I’ve rounded up my top 5 tutorials online, so check it out.

Let Birds Fly

On To Baby


346 Living

First Lady of the House

Focusing your House


A lot of times I get really frustrated reading blogs like Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge, because every home featured is immaculate. Obviously, I know there was frantic amounts of cleaning done before these pictures were taken, but I still can’t help but feel that pang of jealousy. I have tried and tried to rearrange my house, I follow the organization guides, but I still run into the same problems.

In an attempt to get my house together, I’ve decided to tackle my house with a more personalized approach.

A few weeks ago I overheard a woman telling a friend that she keeps her laundry in two baskets, one clean, one dirty, that way she never has to put clothes away and she knows where to find everything. At first, I thought, that is crazy, but after assessing my laundry situation, I realized she had something. Two baskets might not be my ideal situation but it works for her and she seemed thrilled.

I always felt like there were rules to follow in home organization, but instead, maybe it’s more personal than I realized, there is no right way or wrong way, just what works for you?

I am going room by room in my house, and assessing my habits and needs. Asking myself what is the root of this problem?

How do you organize your home? What are your biggest challenges?


M.I.A. in Tahoe

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DIY: Fish Scale Wall Art

Recently, I was so inspired by the fish scale walls done by Kara Paslay and Two Thirty-Five Designs, I decided to make my own. I love how large and textural it is without over powering the room.

Project cost: Less than $30

What you’ll need:

5 ft. x 5 ft. pieces of ply wood


Card stock

Hot glue gun

2 cans of gold spray paint

2 sawtooth picture hangers

1. Cut out your circles. I did this the hard way by tracing a coffee cup and cutting each one out, but this task could be easier if you got the proper tool. I cut out 200. No, it wasn’t my favorite part, go get yourself a circle cutter.

2. Hot glue gun your circles to your board, offsetting each row from each other. The other two tutorials above, attached their circles with push pins and staples. I got the wrong kind of wood for this, so I used my trusty glue gun.

3.  Now that you have all your circles attached, spray them down with your gold paint. Makes sure to get the edges well and direct the paint so it get s underneath the circles a bit.

4. Let the paint dry, it shouldn’t take long.

5. You will find that your circles have dried a little funky, so I went back through with my glue gun and tacked them down so they lay flat. I attached my sawtooth picture hangers, and hung it up.

This project is simple, but does take some time, so be sure to set enough time aside to complete it. It’s a weekend project, for sure. I love the way this turned out and because my taste changes so often, I won’t feel bad if I get sick of it. It has been 4 months since I’ve hung this though, and I still love it!



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Neon at Home and DIY Round Up

I know, I know, again with the neon, but I did way to much neon searching on Google, so I’m just gonna roll with it.

I’ve decided neon doesn’t have a place in every home (like mine, for example), but I love how it looks in context with natural elements.



I love how the neon can look when paired with woods, linens, tweeds, and neutral tones of greys and browns. I think a little really goes a long way and it keeps it fresh.

I think I might just DIY my own neon accents. I can’t see myself spending too much this trend, but I’m be willing to put in the time for a few fun accents.

My favorite neon DIY’s from the web, you ask? Here they are.

Granny Stripe Blanket from Purl Bee

Neon and Twine Vases From Milk Bottles by Izabella

Color Block Heels from What Would Ashley Wear

Neon Jewelry from Style Alter

A Pair and a Spare has so many Neon DIY’s I’m not even gonna list them all, check them out here


Sources top to bottom: Design Sponge/ Design Sponge/ Moises Hernandez

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