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Looking back at SXSW

SXSW was amazing.

I came home and slept for 14 hours and still haven’t managed to get my voice back, but it was well worth the 8 days of mayhem.

It was also worth the few things I was able to bring home:

I bought these prints from Two Arms, they are an amazing design duo based out of Brooklyn, I had to cradle these suckers on my lap the entire way home on the plane, but it was totally worth it.

I found the vintage Disneyland lunchbox and the Isaac Asimov book at Uncommon Objects, which might be the most amazing store ever.

This was the first time Space Dog Books had a booth and the response was overwhelming. I’m not just saying that. I was, literally, overwhelmed. Day one of the booth, all four of us had a line of people wanting to talk to us. It was insane. I couldn’t be more grateful for anyone who stopped by, the people we met were absolutely amazing. I made some new friends that I had a blast with and now I think I need to sleep for three more day until I’m full recovered.

Until next year, SXSW……


SXSW Day One

I completely jinxed myself yesterday morning.

Having travelled a lot I have gotten pretty proficient at packing. I used to just throw stuff in a bag last-minute and figure out what I was going to wear when I got to my destination. This trip, I took some great advice and packed fewer items in the same color palette, so I could mix and match to my heart’s content. But I started off the morning bragging about how good at travelling I was getting. I had not left the house at this point, come to think of it, hadn’t even finished packing….


We get in the car.

“Oh, Jenna, did you bring this?”

“Oh, crap, no.”

“Did you remember to pack that?”



Off to a great start…


I get to the airport, manage to check in and get to security and it turns out I booked my ticket in my maiden name. I also refused to take blame, so I’m standing in lines for an hour and telling Victoria “I don’t know how Chad even knows my maiden name to book the ticket.” Well, smart-ass, because he doesn’t. I booked the freaking ticket.It was my fault.

We get everything figured out and get through security and it turns out Victoria accidentally left her mother pocket knife in a pocket of her camera bag. So back through security she went to mail it back to herself.


So lesson learned….Don’t brag about how good a traveller before you leave the house, your setting yourself up for disaster.


We did arrive to a fabulous dinner c/o Vic’s dad and our co-workers at the hotel with tons of merch and stuff for our booth! So exciting!




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Fun with Tattoos

I posted a little bit about this on the SDBlog, but I thought I’d share here as well. We have been gearing up for SXSW at the office and the amazing Tymn Armstrong designed the coolest temporary tattoos to hand out. We got them in yesterday, which was a nice surprise, even nicer, spending the whole morning applying as many as possible to out bodies. The ‘Holdfast’ was a last minute addition and ended up being my favorite.

My favorite part is that after I posted these on the blog and Facebook, I called my Dad to check in, and he was notably concerned they were real. I could hear the sound of relief in his voice when I told him they were fake! On Facebook my Aunt just typed “why??????????????????????????????????????” (That is a direct quote).

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Free Download: Valentine

This week over at Space Dog, Tymn Armstrong created a super sweet Valentines Day card for everyone to download. Head over to the SDBlog and get one! (Well, all four, actually)

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Happy Birthday, Miss Victoria!

Yesterday was my boss, Victoria Davis’ birthday. Originally I had planned to throw her a mini celebration at my house, but when the day ended up having a lot of meetings planned, I had to regroup a bit.

It’s amazing what a bunch of balloons can to make a small space fun!

Anyway. I made everything myself, which what fun, but a horrible last-minute decision. I should have given myself a week, not two days to get everything done.  Tutorials to follow.

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