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DIY: No Sew Ampersand Pillow

Lately, I’ve been enamored with the Ampersand Pillows I’ve seen, especially one at Crate and Barrel. I have a serious problem with being very picky about pillows. I might like one, but it’s not the right color, or I get one and it’s just not working,so, lo and behold I have a pillow-less couch. I don’t know how it happened, I swear I had one this thing.

Anyway, I decided to not spend the $30 to find out I hate it, and make my own. AND I LOVE IT!

Project Total: $10

What you’ll need:

1/2 a yard of fabric

Pillow (I used 16×16)

1-2 pieces of paper

Scissors or exacto knife


Liquid Stitch


Straight pins

1. Chose which ampersand you would like to use. I just googled “ampersand” and picked one.

2. Zoom in to the size you would like your ampersand to be and trace on to paper. I had to use 2 pieces of paper for this. (Also, please excuse my janky cellphone photography)

3. Cut out your ampersand to create a template. While you have the scissors out, cut your fabric to the size of your pillow.

4. Tape down your square of fabric to a sturdy surface so that it is smoothed out. Make sure you have something underneath it to protect your table, or floor, or what-have-you.

5. Place your template where you would like your ampersand to go. I placed mine in the center.

6. Using a thin paint brush, lightly trace along the outside of your template. I used medium strokes aiming to stay half on the paper and half on the fabric.

7. With a thicker paintbrush fill in your ampersand. I used two coats, but I was digging the rough look of one. Make sure to keep it even and not glob on too much.

8. Let dry.

9. When it is completely dry, take your two pieces of black fabric and sandwich your pillow insert between them. Make sure the painted side is face down. Use strait pins to mark the seams on three sides, leave the bottom seam open and give it a little slack.

10. Remove pillow and flip inside out.

11. Line your rule up to one side of  on the pins, use liquid stitch between the pieces of fabric in a straight line against the ruler, do this on all three sides.

12. Let dry for a few hours, if you are patient enough.

13. When glue is dry, insert the pillow. Tuck in the fabric for the bottom seams  and carefully glue together. You may have to hold this in place for a bit.  Let sit to dry.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little DIY! I absolutely love mine, I think it’s so graphic and really added something to my pillow-less couch.

XO Jenna

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